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City in the Sky

The concept

'City in the sky' is a concept about an imaginary tranquil oasis above the mega-developed and polluted city, where
one can escape from the everyday noise and stress. It was developed as part of the 'Megatropolis' project, which
started in London with few artists, invited to create their own visions for the future mega-developed
city. The presentation depicts the familiar metropolitan areas of big cities that are with concentrated population of
10 million and above.

Although it is realistically presented, the concept doesn't intend to be realistic in terms of structure-engineering
or real living environment. It is an artistic imagination of a tranquil hideaway from the stress of everyday life.
In modern life, man is rushing with the course of success and progress but somewhere deep in his heart has the desire
for a quieter and greener reality, that seems increasingly further away. "City in the Sky" tries to remind about the
romantic connection with the heaven, tranquility and nature, even in the heart of vast metropolises like New York City.


The design was inspired by the Lotus flower, known for its ability to grow above the murky waters, pure and clean.
In the eastern culture the Lotus flower often symbolizes the ability to rise above the worries and troubles of everyday life,
bringing light and life in the hardest of times and places. Because of this it has been a subject of inspiration to many artists.

A haiku-poem by the Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa beautifully conveys this message:


One translation of the poem is:

this world
full of needles and thorns ...
yet lotus blooms

The life in big cities is becoming increasingly faster and stressful, which might be the reason for more people to search
inner peace and become interested in meditation and means for alternative health. With the present conditions of
modern consumer economy people want more and more, which has resulted the architecture of certain areas
to reflect this mindset. Indeed megalopolises reach their limits and people are left without much choice but to go higher...
Or maybe there is another choice?


Original music by Georgi Marinov. Sound design and SFX were added after the video was produced. This transformed
the perception of the work tremendously. It really gives the fifth dimension to the work since the sound-designer can have his
own input in his own creative ways! We did this mostly in our spare time and it was a great learning experience.

The Golden Dragon in the last image was rendered by the sketches and with the exclusive help of Daxiong. making of

Rendered with 3DSMAX and VRay, Post & VFX in After Effects, some footage and time-lapses shot with
Canon5D MKII in New York City. The ending frame was composited out of a time-lapse shot taken from the
roof of the Empire State building in New York. It was cut in planes and multiplied many times in
3D space so you might spot repeated buildings here and there.
Well this makes the MegaTropolis even MultiMegaTropolis.

Special thanks to all who share their professional knowledge!

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